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Wedding Veil – to wear one or not to wear one?

To Wear a Wedding Veil

This question has been asked more than once “should I wear a wedding veil or not ?”

For a lot of brides it's easy  - they have always wanted to wear a Wedding Veil. Though on the other hand if you’re unsure the decision can be a lot harder. Many brides feel they should wear a Wedding Veil because their mum wants them to or because it's tradition to wear one!

You need to ask yourself what do I want to wear? The other question you need to ask - will I regret not wearing one?.

Let start with your mum wants you to wear one - but you’re not sure?

Well you have a few choices .

  1.  Make your mum happy and wear a veil - remember you don't have to wear it all day you can just wear it for the ceremony!
  2.  You could wear a blusher/birdcage style Wedding Veil  - it's not the traditional style but mum might be happy with the choice!
  3.  Don't wear one and mum might be disappointed but I'm sure she will understand once you explain to her why!

bridal veil

You like the idea of a veil but you not sure if it's in fashion?

The easy answer to this one is a veil will always be in fashion in my opinion - it's steeped in tradition!

To me it is the style of veil that can determine whether it is in fashion or not . So do your home work on the fashion of the day and whether it suits you and your taste.

birdcage veil

You’re simply undecided?

In my opinion a wedding veil is a beautiful accessory and can be the one piece that determines the overall look you desire. What's funny is a lot of brides that I have met  that have been undecided about a veil have tried one on and fallen in love with it.

wedding veil

The choice is yours - not mums nor anyone else's - But remember at the end of the day you have to be comfortable with your decision!

Hopefully this has helped you and have you ask yourself - “what do I really want?”

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