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Bridal Headpiece Glossary

Bridal Headpiece Glossary

A Bridal headpiece is an enchanting accessory that when worn with your bridal gown, they come alive together and you will feel like the princess you deserve to be for your special day. There are however a few important things to consider when choosing a Bridal Headpiece in order to compliment the overall look:

  1. The style of the gown.
  2. The hair style and where you wish to position the Bridal headpiece.

You are now engaged and may feel a little overwhelmed. You have found the perfect dress but now you want to start looking at Bridal Headpieces and there are many different terms that may confuse you when describing a Bridal headpiece - some explain themselves but some times its the details that can be confusing.  Hopefully the list below will be helpful.

Also while you are starting to look for a Bridal headpiece don't be scared to explore different design elements - you will start looking for the things you love and you will want to see them put together in a design you adore.

Here are some of the more common terms you may come across when looking for a Bridal headpieces.

Applique – is a detailed piece of either lace or a bead piece that forms a shape. Sometimes times if you've had your dress made from the beginning there will be left over pieces of appliques that you can used and it incorporated into a headpiece.

Other words for applique are motif and patch.

Beading – is when fine beads like crystal, pearls, seed beads and rhinestones are hand sewn onto fabric or lace to achieve a desired look.

Birdcage veil - Russian netting is the material used to make a birdcage veil. It’s made from 100% nylon and come in many colours and widths. Traditionally the birdcage veil is the netted veil that goes for one side of the head to the other across the face.

Blusher veil – Is also made of Russian netting but it is gathered up to form circle and comes over the head. These can be made different sizes.

Bridal comb - A bridal comb is not just a plan comb that sits in the hair – you will find a bridal comb has beautiful adornments like flowers, crystals, pearls, metal pieces that can all be attached which are either wired or soldered together to form there shape. A bridal comb can be worn in many different ways and are a stunning accessory!

Bridal hair pins - A bridal hair pin again is similar to a bridal comb where a u shape pin has been decorated with beautiful adornments to create it stunning shape.

Bridal Hair Vine - Is a softly twisted and generally long style of Bridal Headpiece.

Lace - Lace is really beautiful and can be made into the most stunning headpiece designs - some of the different types of lace are - Chantilly lace, Alencon Lace, Venice lace, corded lace, Guipure lace, eye lash lace and lace motifs.

Silk -  Silk is a 100% natural fiber made from silkworms. It’s available in different weights and colours – types of silk are silk satin, dupion silk, silk taffeta, organza silk, silk chiffon, silk crepe, silk shantung.

Silk Flowers - Silk flowers are handmade using silk fabric which has been stiffened. Then petals are cut out and formed using French flower making tools.

Tiara - A tiara is generally a half circle headpiece that is worn to the front and top of the head. Tiaras can be made of metal and embellished with beading or the can be similar to a bridal comb and adorned with little intricate beaded details to from it shape.

I hope this has helped and if you are still unsure of any terms you come across please contact me and I will do my utmost to help.

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