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5 Wedding Cake ideas with Gold accents.

5 Wedding Cake Ideas with stunning gold trimmings.

Gold is rich and romantic and it’s used a lot in the colour palettes of designers. The popularity of gold has become increasing more prevalent in the past few years. Brides are choosing gold bridal accessories, e.g. Bridal headpieces, bridal combs and jewellery.

Continuing this metallic theme throughout your wedding is key to keeping symmetry of colour.

Here are 5 beautiful wedding cakes ideas that have been adorned with gold accents.

Gold and Black Wedding cakeWedding cake ideas: This wedding cake is simply stunning with it simple design and classic detailing. The black and the gold work beautifully together, to give a rich sophisticated design.

Gold and White wedding cakeGold tipped sugar flowerWedding cake Ideas: Gold opulence! This magnificent white and gold cake screams elegance. It’s so simple its perfect - with the large peony flower edge, tipped in gold all the way to the bold gold colour, at the bottom half of the cake.

Gold and cream wedding cakeWedding Cake Ideas: Simplistic artistry at its best! A small bouquet of flowers, lace trims, then to be all drawn together with a soft gold ribbon.

Wedding Cake Ideas gold trim
Wedding Cake Ideas: Just a hint of gold to tie it all together. Beautiful pink with the hint of gold on a white wedding cake is divine. The intricate detail in the flowers is beautiful!!

Pink wedding cake ideaWedding cake Ideas: It’s all in the design - this stunning wedding cake is like a jewel in the Nile, its romantic, it feminine and has a whimsical feel with its beautiful blooms and a hint of gold to bring it all together.

Bringing your overall colour and design themes together for your wedding e.g. gold accents on a wedding cake, to match the gold on a wedding headpiece or to add lace trimming on a wedding cake to tie in with lace on your gown or bridal headpiece show harmony and a lot of thought has gone into the preparation.

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