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5 Wedding Cake ideas with Gold accents.

5 Wedding Cake Ideas with stunning gold trimmings. Gold is rich and romantic and it’s used a lot in the colour palettes of designers. The popularity of gold has become increasing more prevalent in the past few years. Brides are choosing gold bridal accessories, e.g. Bridal headpieces, bridal combs and jewellery. Continuing this metallic theme…
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Wedding Veil – to wear one or not to wear one?

To Wear a Wedding Veil This question has been asked more than once “should I wear a wedding veil or not ?” For a lot of brides it's easy  - they have always wanted to wear a Wedding Veil. Though on the other hand if you’re unsure the decision can be a lot harder. Many brides feel they should wear…
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Bridal Headpiece Glossary

Bridal Headpiece Glossary A Bridal headpiece is an enchanting accessory that when worn with your bridal gown, they come alive together and you will feel like the princess you deserve to be for your special day. There are however a few important things to consider when choosing a Bridal Headpiece in order to compliment the overall look: The…
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Planning my Wedding – what do I plan first.

When planning my Wedding what should I do first. The questions most brides will ask first are what should I book, when should I book and how much should I spend on my Wedding. Well - when you sit down and think about it you can get very over whelmed. So hopefully my tips here will help…
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